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Dining with Green Hills

It's Your Dining Experience
We know that nutrition is a building block to good health. This means that eating three well-balanced meals per day is essential to health and wellness.

But who says mealtime has to be boring? It should be exciting! And like everything else at Green Hills, mealtime comes with choices!

Our Culinary Team
Our creative Chef and our passionate culinary team ensure that every member or guest has a stimulating dining experience at Green Hills. Whether you choose to dine at home or in one of our dining rooms, the culinary team presents a variety of healthy choices in food bursting with freshness, color, and aromas that excite the palate.

Check out a few of Chef's signature dishes.
Nutritious and simply irresistible!

Chinese Dish at GreenHills Retirement Homes
Grilled Ribs at GreenHills Retirement Homes
Espatada at GreenHills Retirement Homes
Dessert at GreenHills Retirement Homes
Dessert at GreenHills Retirement Homes

Signature Dining Services
Depending on the day and time, you may want a more casual style of dining or a more formal one.

Again, the choice is yours. Our job is to make sure that you have a great experience.

  • Restaurant-style dining with a full-service wait staff
  • Off the Grill or A La Carte
  • Home Delivery or Special Event Catering
  • Coming soon, Le Bistro, a casual venue!